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2008 Announcements

When Night Falls: the afterglow

The K12 Online 2008 conference closed with a 24 hour long conversation that spanned the globe. As night fell across the planet people came together to reminise and share their memories and takeaways from this year’s conference.

Nightfall by flickr user James Jordan

Nightfall by flickr user James Jordan

We gathered in Elluminate and the conversation was moderated by volunteers. The full details are on our When Night Falls wiki. A special Thank You goes out to all our volunteer moderators! Officially, there may have been a few “holes” in the schedule but when the time came someone always stepped up to keep things going.

We captured the whiteboards where people were sharing all sorts of things during the 24 hours. They are embeded below. Please add to the comments on each slide over on SlideShare and help those who were or weren’t in your hour of When Night Falls by adding some colour commentary to what is displayed on each whiteboard. (There were a few brilliant uses of Wordle made during When Night Falls!) Some of the feedback we’ve received can be found here, feel free to add to it: Bouquets, Brickbats, and Suggestions for next year.

And one more thing … remember notK12 Online 2008 is still accepting submissions through 16 November 2008.

Here are the whiteboards …


  1. Mathew Needleman

    I kept the Elluminate session open and kind of weaved in and out of conversations at various points. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me. I do wish it was held a little bit after the conference was over so that more people would have had a chance of seeing more of the sessions. However, there was something very powerful in having conversations with people across the world who share a common purpose and vision.

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