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Leading the Change
Pushing the Limits: Web 2.0 and 21st Century Learning

Aimee Stoffel and Tanya Gray: Goodland, Kansas, USA
Blog: http://ghs2-0.wikispaces.com

Bio: Aimee is a high school media specialist in Goodland, Kansas and has worked with children in Kindergarten through high school on media and technology skills. She is a Discovery Educator and is a member of her district’s Lead Tech Team. Tanya Gray is a junior high math teacher in Goodland, Kansas. She also co-teaches a class called 21st Century Skills to seniors at Goodland High School with Aimee Stoffel. Tanya and Aimee’s 21C students were involved in the Horizon Project last year and are currently taking part in the Flat Classroom Project. Tanya is a Discovery Educator and the chairperson of the Kansas DEN leadership team. Tanya is also a member of the MACE (Mid-America Computers in Education) board in her state. She is a member of her district’s Lead Tech Team.
Bio Page: http://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Aimee+Stoffel

Presentation Title: Pushing the Limits: Web 2.0 and 21st Century Learning
Description: Tanya and Aimee have launched a pilot program that would put laptops and Web 2.0 technologies in the hands and minds of seniors in our rural Kansas high school. This presentation will discuss the layout of the class setup and background work needed for implementation, communicate the struggles and successes encountered and show examples of student work. Together we will provide educators with an in-depth glimpse of the possibilities that are out there for 21st century teaching and learning. The participants will go away with a wealth of knowledge of different Web 2.0 applications and how to use them in classroom instruction. The participants will see the layout of the class, hear pros and cons of the experience, and gather ideas for “amplifying possibilities” for technology use in their own classrooms. should be considered.

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  2. Nicole Huett

    Ensuring students learn is a different thing… do we really need to focus on that or rather I think the focus needs to be on creating an environment for effective study. When students have a casual discussion in a cafeteria is usually what is remembered and understood well. Can we create technology and environment that can effect such, an effective collaborative online resource for students and teachers. With all the innovation in online education, it is a matter of universities leveraging it to create a platform for effective education. There are a few universities already adopting to this, like Virginia Tech and Ohio State which uses a hybrid model of online and traditional school approach. Once this is established well, the course can be tailored to make best use of time and make it quicker and useful. There are many innovative platforms coming up, a good online collaborative platform such as FunnelBrain has proven to be very effective with many professors and students! The biggest factor for the success is that it is by experts in the world of education which is attracting many users. It creates an environment for students to have an interactive experience and also with its collaborative approach helps students memorize better with techniques such as flash cards. What will be more useful is to see a move towards changing the way education is perceived by students and teachers today, moving to a more effective mechanism.

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