(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.

K12 Online in Translation

K12 Online is committed to making learning freely available and broadly distributed worldwide. This year we’ve taken another step towards those ends as well as increasing accessibility of our content to people who speak languages other than English and the hearing impaired. We will also embed all video content directly on our site so it can be viewed immediately online without downloading.

dotSUB logoAll K12 online video content, as of 2008, is being mirrored at dotSUB.com. dotSUB.com is a video hosting site where community members volunteer to transcribe or translate video content. By distributing the work of translation and transcription across a network of people a small contribution of time by many results in increased accessibility of that content for an even larger audience. We’d like to encourage you to spend even just a few minutes transcribing/translating any of the video content published via K12 Online. You’ll be doing a world of good.

If you speak more than one language please translate even just a sentence or two of any K12 Online video content hosted at dotSUB.com. Your edit will automatically be mirrored in the flash embedded video here and encourage other speakers of that language to follow your lead.

If you are a teacher of language this could be a wonderful learning experience for your students. As a class assignment you might have them transcribe/translate any K12 Online video content as a way to practice learning both another language and maybe pick up an idea or two they can share with you or their other teachers. If you don’t have time to take in all the sessions offered in this year’s conference you could assign your students to transcribe/translate the content here and then present it to the class, or better yet, at a staff meeting. Can you image how your students will feel when their language learning leads to teaching their teachers? If you do this, please take pictures and share them with us … rooms full of proud, smiling faces.

You need to have a dotSUB.com account in order to transcribe/translate videos. Please sign up for a dotSUB.com account (really quick and easy) and help make our content as broadly accessible as possible.


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  2. Amelie Rencontres

    While technology certainly has its place in school, the idea of a K-12 school or college going completely online presents some issues. There are definite positives: it could save students and taxpayers a lot of money, and technology would be integrated into every subject so students would become more technologically adept.

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  4. Jeff

    Dotsub is a great tool, but only if folks help out. I am deaf and can’t hear video presentations. Thus, I rely on captions. Last year, I had difficulty participating as captioning was sparse and the delay prevented sychronous particpation. It would be great if keynote speakers and presenters posted their script or speaking notes when they post their videos.

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