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Getting Started “Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy”

Jennifer Kraft Frackville, PA, USA
Blog: http://agapejen.wordpress.com/

Bio: Jennifer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Millersville University and a Master’s in Technology for Special Educators from Johns Hopkins University. She started her career as a Specialized Preschool teacher in York, PA and then moved to her next position as an Education Technology Facilitator at Kennedy Krieger High School in Baltimore, MD. Here she found her love of assisting students with special needs through technology. She is currently substitute teaching as a Music Teacher and is looking for a new position in Education Technology.
Bio Page: https://k12online08presenters.wikispaces.com/Jennifer+Kraft

Presentation Title: “Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy”
Description: This presentation will describe ways that you can support literacy using free tools found on the internet. Types of technology supports for literacy will be discussed as well as the some of the free tools that are available on the Internet today. The last part of the session will deal with what Universal Design for Learning calls for and how the types of tools discussed can assist educators in achieving Universal Design for Learning in your classroom.

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  1. Alex Ambrose

    I liked how you classified and organized the tools and also how you used gloster to present them. I am working on a project to make a directory suite of online tools to give to students, b/c I find we have all these great tools but we forget and loose track of all of them. How do you overcome this challenge?


  2. Wendy Wolfe

    Hi Jennifer –
    What an outstanding set of resources, I absolutely love learning about new tools. I have already shared your presentation link with our special education coordinators and look forward to working with them and others to utilize many of the tools you address.

    Thank you for your great presentation!

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  5. Ken Kay

    I especially appreciated your mashups. You mentioned the links were on your Web site. Which ones at the end of the video?

  6. Kathy Rice


    Your presentation is so timely! Our district is meeting this Friday to discuss implementing UDL strategies in our classrooms. I’ll be sure to share the link to your presentation!

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  8. Jennifer Kraft

    I’m glad that you are all finding this presentation to be useful.

    To Ken – this is the link to the Glog that will branch off to everything else. http://agapejen.glogster.com/Ways-to-Support-Literacy/

    To Alex – That is something I struggle with all the time. I wish there were ONE clearinghouse, but there’s not. Many people have started wikis and bookmark lists that we all sort of share. Very good question and I would love to hear other’s responses to your question.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

  9. Yolan Mistele

    What a great presentation! I’m retired but still very active with our Association’s Battle of the Books program. I was interested in learning about tools to help students become more involved in enjoying reading. You have provided lots for me to investigate. Thanks so much.

  10. Jim Walker

    As a sped teacher and tech coordinator I found your presentation very helpful. With so many resources it is not easy to keep up. I will be sharing this with the other special ed teachers in the team.

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  18. Derick Jones

    For the past few days, I have been a regular visitor to this site. There is so much to learn here. Here again you have shared with us some really amazing tools. These can be of immense help to many of us. I will pass this on to the entire community at our site. Thanks.

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