Obstacles to Opportunities
“Pushing the Envelope or How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools on a Shoestring”

Lisa Durff
Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Blog: http://durffsblog.blogspot.com/

Mrs Durff is a PreK – 12th grade teacher and media center specialist at a private, Christian school in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. She currently teaches computer to 3rd grade – 8th grade, Study Skills to 7th grade, & facilitates Spanish 1 & 2. She podcasts with Kindergarten and 1st grade weekly, facilitates an after school Open Computer Lab once per week, & hopes to start a S.W.A.T. (Students Working to Advance Technology) team at her school this year.

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“Pushing the Envelope or How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools on a Shoestring”

Practical ideas on how to implement web 2.0 within the price range.

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  1. Don Roof

    Lisa — you may be “lesss than one year old” in the Classroom 2.0 world, but I’m still behind you. I work in a private, non-profit alternative school (with the budget that goes with that designation), and I appreciate all the great ideas you presented. Thanks.

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