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2006- Pers Prof Development

Personal Professional Development”Home Grown: Within/Without the district”

Mark Ahlness
Seattle, Washington, USA
Blog: http://ahlness.com/

Presentation Title
“Home Grown: Within/Without the district”

Mark is a third grade teacher at Arbor Heights Elementary School in Seattle, Washington, USA. In August of 1994 he started up his school’s web site, www.arborheights.com, one of the very first elementary schools to appear on the Internet. Also in 1994, he started The Earth Day Groceries Project, www.earthdaybags.org, one of the oldest and largest educational projects on the Internet. Mark is a strong advocate for safe student blogging at the elementary school level. His third graders at http://www.roomtwelve.com/ continue to set a standard for quality student writing in the web 2.0 world.

This is a documentation of and a model for staff development in web 2.0 tools done by a classroom teacher. What makes this presentation unique is that it tracks an ongoing effort in staff training – taught within a school district, but without school district support. On his own, Mark is offering workshops monthly throughout the school year for his colleagues in his school and for anyone else in his school district. The sessions occur in the computer lab or in his third grade classroom. Also in the works are online workshops in the evenings, in real time. This presentation documents the first three offerings, from October of 2006, two in person and one online. The presentation is a wiki, with links to podcasts recorded during the actual workshops. Mark will continue to add his new presentations throughout the school year, and he encourages anyone doing similar work to add theirs as well.


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